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【Official】Hotel Lunapark

Renewal complete!  The open-air bath with a view will reopen from today!

  • Please enjoy our refreshing open-air bath with a view.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers due to renovation work on the outer wall of the annex, the connecting passageway, and the open-air bath, but the open-air bath is now open again from today.
    Please enjoy the renovated open-air bath with a view on the top floor, including the changing room!

    At the same time, the exterior wall refreshment work has been completed, but there is still some work remaining on the connecting passage, so we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.

Notice of renovation work on the annex outer wall, connecting passageway, and open-air bath

  • For customers considering staying here

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be carrying out renovation work on the exterior walls, connecting passageways, and open-air bath of our Hotel annex from January 15, 2020 to February 29, 2020.

    Scaffolding will be erected for the exterior wall work and the connecting passageway will be renovated. This may cause some damage to the scenery or inconvenience when moving. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Due to the renovation work, we will be handing out one free Dogo Onsen Main Building bathing ticket or Annex Asukano Onsen 1st floor bathroom bathing ticket to each guest at the front desk, so please feel free to use them.

    Please note that the indoor bath on the 3rd floor of the main building is open as usual and can be used.
    ※Business hours: 15:00 to 10:00 the next morning

Dogo Izumi-chan new goods on sale!

  • Started selling skeleton amulets in Luna Park Yukata

    Sorry I made you wait!

    From 23.12.01
    We will be selling "Dogo Izumi" Chan Luna Park original amulets.
    As we approach the new year, let's make it the best one together with Izumi-chan!

    1100 yen including tax at the special corner of the shop on the 6th floor of our hotel
    Sales time:7:00 to 10:00/17:00 to 22:00

"An evening of traditional performing arts Dogo in full bloom"

  • An evening of traditional performing arts Dogo in full bloom...

    A new initiative is starting at Dogo Onsen!

    A traditional Japanese performing arts show will be held at the Noh stage "Senjuden" at the Yamatoya main store opposite our hotel!

    <Performance date>
    October 27th (Friday) and 28th(Saturday)

    November 3rd (Friday), 9th (Thursday), 10th (Friday), 11th (Saturday), 17th (Friday), 23rd (Thursday), 24th (Friday), 25th(Saturday)

    The stage is close to the audience seats, making for a dynamic performance!

    For reservations, enjoy the traditional performing Dogo in full bloom with blue letters....Please click on the

2023 Dogo Autumn Festival

  • ☆Impressive☆ A mikoshi has arrived at Luna Park!

    On a beautiful autumn day, the mikoshi came to our facility with brave shouts!
    I am grateful that this ritual, which has continued for many years, was able to be celebrated without incident.

We were able to hold it safely this year too~☆

  • Collaboration project with Onsen Musume!  Dogo Izumi-chan Birthday Festival

    On August 26th, Dogo Izumi-chan birthday party was held at this facility with a total of 30 people!

    People who had been looking forward to this day gathered from all over the country, making it a fun and grand birthday celebration.

    "High cheese" at the end of the ceremony Everyone has a nice smile!

New Mican Drink Bar!

  • The first accommodation facility in Dogo! A Mican drink bar has been installed at the breakfast buffet!

    Start your morning at the "Mican" drink bar!
    Dark Mican will also welcome you!

    Please enjoy coffee and tea as well as juices.

    ※Only available at the breakfast buffet.

Information on amenities bar installation

  • Requests and information for guests staying at the hotel

    Thank you very much for using our hotel.
    Due to the enforcement of the "Act on the Promotion of Resource Circulation Related to Plastics (New Plastic Law)" on April 1, 2022, from April 1, 2023, we will not use disposable plastic amenities such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes in guest rooms. I will refrain from preparing.

    If you require amenities, please bring your own, or use amenities bar located next to the front desk on the 2nd floor of the main building.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our Hotel, but we are also aiming to realize an environmentally friendly world, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

【Goods sales start】Izumi Dogo's original can batch and key chain will be unveiled!

  • Onsen Musume x Luna Park Can Badge / Keychain will be on sale from 7/23 at the 6th floor shop ♫

    Izumi-chan in a cute yukata of this facility is printed in collaboration with Luna (the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology), and she is holding a dog, which is the concept of "Hotel Bettei Yasuragi where you can stay with your dog" in the sister building. !! Onsen Musume has many fans all over the country, so why not use it as a souvenir as well as for yourself?  Can batch 300 yen(Tax included),Key chain 700 yen(Tax included)

♡ Cute ♡ Izumi Dogo welcomes you in a Luna Park yukata

  • Popular "Dogo Izumiumi" in Onsen Musume x Luna Park collaboration room will be on sale from 7/23

    Popular hot spring daughter
    We will start selling rooms surrounded by "Mikan" that Izumi Dogo loves! We will also give you our original collaboration products, so we are waiting for your reservation!

    ■Accommodation 3 benefits■ From July 23rd to August 31st
    ① Our original "Luna Park Yukata Specification Dogo Izumikai Panel" welcomes you in your room
    Luna Park limited original accommodation certificate will be presented without exception
    ③ Onsen Musume x Luna Park collaboration product! Original can batch (not for sale) present

    ※From September 1st, you will receive an original key chain (not for sale) with ①② as it is!
    ※In addition, we also sell can batches and key chains with different designs!

Welcome! Osaka Prefectural Sakuyakonohana Junior High School 3rd grade ♫

  • Welcome from Osaka! All the employees were waiting

    Shimanami Kaido-To Dogo ♨
    First of all, I am relieved to welcome energetic students from Osaka.(^^)

    School events and school trips were restricted due to this Korona-ka, but all the employees will do their best to help you remember! Have fun, everyone!

    ※The photo is a scene from the haiku introductory course held at the Hotel banquet hall.

Finally! Coin laundry installation completed!

  • We have installed a fully automatic washing machine and dryer that does not require detergent in the lobby on the 2nd floor!

    From now on summer production 🌻
    You can clean your dirty clothes and underwear while traveling with the latest coin laundry.(^^)
    Please use it for those who stay for a long time such as continuous stays or for business.

    Please contact the front desk for details on the location and usage.

    Location:Main building 2F Laundry room

    Open Hours:From 15:00 to 10:00 the next day

    Washing once / 300 yen
    Drying 60 minutes / 200 yen
     ※Detergent is provided(Automatic loading)
     ※Currency exchange is available at the 2nd floor main front desk

Welcome to Luna Park on a busy schedule!

  • Akira Isaka, a popular DJ, stayed ♫ It was a fun time

    The other day, Akira Isaka, who is familiar with the popular radio program "Great Noisy Club" and Ehime's only golf TV program "Sunday Golf", stayed at this facility!  
    He likes the carefree and unpretentious way of speaking, and is a popular DJ that no one knows in Ehime!

    The abalone dance grill and Iyo beef shabu-shabu, which are the specialties of Luna Park, were very well received!
    Thank you for writing the sign well m (_ _) m

    We look forward to seeing you again.

Table tennis collaboration event at the Hotel 🏓

  • ☆4 companies collaboration event was held☆

    An event was held on Saturday, March 12th at Espers, our table tennis facility! Until now, we used one coin only for hotel guests, but this time we have held a "1st Anniversary Thanksgiving Day" in collaboration with Shibata TT Studio in Matsuyama City.Not only a total of 30 members, but also supporting companies Phiten Co., Ltd. and Japan Table Tennis Co., Ltd. participated, and it was a great excitement for new product information, trial hitting parties, games, social gatherings, etc. ♫
    , Ai TV came to cover the situation and aired it the other day!
    Thank you to everyone who participated! I look forward to working with you next time!

Staying in Dogo Golf Pack ♬

  • Enjoy plenty of hot springs and golf! Golf pack with super-profitable accommodation! Excellent access in 15 minutes by car from the hotel!

    Why don't you play at Dogo Golf Club, which is full of charm on a strategic course It is a course Matsuyama Castle, which was built 400 years ago, Matsuyama city, and overlooks the Seto Inland Sea.course has enough width and distance, so you can take the plunge and hit it.Please contact the hotel for details.

    【Accommodation + play price 4 back self- plan】
    1 night with breakfast 18520 yen(Includes contributions from the Green Fee Fund Federation)
    Saturday / Sunday / Holidays
    1 night with breakfast 25370 yen(Includes contributions from the Green Fee Fund Federation)
    ※Local payment for 3 backs, 2 backs and with caddy
    ※The golf course usage tax and cart fee are also settled locally.

It is a very popular inn for touring

☆LINE official☆I started!

Sister building Bettei Yasuragi Renewed as an inn where you can stay with your dog

  • Sister building villa Yasuragi homepage

    Sister Building Hotel Lunapark Bettei Yasuragi 
    April 10, 2021 Reborn!

    Dogo Onsen's first &Dogo Onsen only dog run!
    Reopened as an inn where you can stay with your dog!
    (Small dog indoor dog only)

    ※It was introduced on NHK Matsuyama Broadcasting Station "Himepon".
    ※It was introduced on Ai TV "N-sta Ehime".

【Infectious disease prevention measures】Photocatalyst coating applied to the entire building

Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

  • Let's wash our hands.

    To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we give top priority to the safety of our customers and employees, and all employees will work together to ensure that they can use the facility with peace of mind.

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5-19 Dogo Sagidani Town, Matsuyama City

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5 minutes on foot from the end of the Street Car bound for Dogo Onsen. Matsuyama Expressway Matsuyama IC get off Dogo direction 25 minutes.
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