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Surrounding attractions

  • Surrounding tourist information

    • Sansoro (wooden building with three-tiered style roof), Castle Construction Style building

      In the morning, the evening and the evening we will inform the time with the sound of the drum.It is an important cultural asset of the country.
    • The character of the novel “Botchan” will inform you of the time.

    • Another outside hot spring added in 1952

      It is in the shopping street.
    • The 51st Pilgrimage Site of Shikoku Sacred Place

      It is an important cultural material with impressive appearance as a building.
    • Exhibiting materials about literary artists and haiku who interacted with Matsuyama's climate and Shiki Masaoka.

    • Together with Usa Hachimangu Shrine Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine and Usa Hachimangu Shrine Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine, there are only three Hachiman crafts in the country, and it is an important cultural property of the country.

    • Dogo Park site of Yuzuki Castle, a popular spot for cherry blossoms in spring

      From the observation deck, offering views of the town of Dogo
    • Concerts, ceremonies, lectures, symposiums, exhibitions and other events that host events

  • Matsuyama

    • A symbol of Matsuyama that can be seen from anywhere

      The view from the Castle Tower is wonderful. It is an important cultural asset of the country.
    • Prefectural Art Museum Branch

      We are exhibiting exhibitions mainly honoring artists from the country.
    • Derived from the fact that many of the characters used this steam locomotive in the novel “Botchan”

    • Zoo in Tobe Town

      West Japan's largest grade.
    • A rich place in the environment of about 35 hectares

      There are orchards such as Toritani Pond with beautiful waterside scenery.
    • Opening to respond to the wide range of recreational activities as well as to promote the sports of the citizens

    • Professional baseball also comes to the game, Ehime baseball stadium