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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About parking lot

    The parking lot of the hotel is
    24 hour security camera operation
    Parking fee will be 500 yen per car.
  • Lending of Yukata

    We have lent out Yukata for the whole year.
    It is 700 yen per arrival.

    You can walk and go out to the hot spring town.
  • Regarding additional meals

    Bespoke dish will be served.
    (It will be an application until the previous day.)
    1.Seaweed making(2 servings - 3 servings)···\ 3,000 yen
    2.TContinue reading
  • 2014 New signage for Hotel Lunapark

    The sign of Hotel Lunapark has been renewed.We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Bath time(Inner bath)

    It is a bath of the hotel (inner bath).Oku Dogo Onsen is hot water from Oku Dogo Onsen.Please come in at ease.There is no change of gender.
  • Entrance Caution

    The front entrance of the hotel is a bit narrow, and you will miss if you are not careful.              (Caution!)

    Hotel Lunapark sign (bluContinue reading
  • About extension of the room

    As room charge fee
    It is 2100 yen per hour.

    ※Depending on the room preparation etc., we may be refused.
  • About check-in and check-out time

    Check In, 15:00
    Check Out, 10: 00
    It has become.
  • About the connection of the Internet

    There is a LAN cable in the lobby on the 2nd floor of the main building.
    You can use it free of charge until 22:00.

    ※Unfortunately, computeContinue reading
  • Lounge

    It is the lounge in the facility.
    All you can drink, all you can sing, one person 1500 yen per hour!
    You can also use it with one shot.

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